Arkenv supports a feature model that allows for adding and removing functionality as required.

Arkenv.parse(Configuration, args) {
    +ProfileFeature(prefix = "app")

When parsing, the last argument takes a lambda, allowing you to call:

  • install / + to add or replace a feature
  • uninstall / - to remove a feature

In the above example, we first add support for reading arguments from a specific property file, and then remove the command line support.

The following features are installed by default:


The parse order depends on the order in which features are installed. Features that are installed earlier overrule features that are installed later.

Arkenv will start by installing the default features, and then proceed with your features installed in the configuration.

This means that by default command line arguments have the highest order and will surpass other configuration sources.

Custom features

To create a new feature from scratch, simply implement the ArkenvFeature interface.

It has 4 overridable methods:

  • onLoad is used to read data from a source and store it for parsing.
  • postLoad is used to react to configuration after all features have been loaded.
  • onParse is used on each argument property when parsing to obtain a value.
  • finally can be used for clean up.

Your feature does not need to implement all of these.

Here is an example of how to use them:

class CustomFeature : ArkenvFeature {
    override fun onLoad(arkenv: Arkenv) {
        // read line from config file, split by equals and put them in the keyValue map for later parsing
            .map { it.split("=") }
            .map { it[0] to it[1] }
            .let { arkenv.keyValue.putAll(it) }
    override fun onParse(arkenv: Arkenv, delegate: ArgumentDelegate<*>): String? {
        // load text from a file with the name of the property if exists
        return File(delegate.property.name).takeIf(File::exists)?.readText()
    // release resources or the like
    override fun finally(arkenv: Arkenv) = map.clear() 

Processor features

Since v2.1.0

Processor features describe transformations that are applied to all values that are loaded through Arkenv, no matter what feature they originate from.

By default, this is used to resolve placeholders.

There is also support for decrypting values using the EncryptionFeature.

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